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Caught in the crossfire: HGV drivers shot at in Felixstowe

Caught in the crossfire: HGV drivers shot at in Felixstowe


Wagoners have a lot to worry about.



Looking after their hours, carrying out their checks, delivering on time and keeping the DVSA off their backs - it's enough to fill a day.



For some, however, there's a more immediate danger - being shot at.



Between 22nd and 23rd January, five HGVs were fired upon. In each instance, the cab was heavily damaged.



Luckily, none of the drivers were injured.



The first volley occurred at around 21:30, and peacetime recommenced at 02:30 the following morning.



HGV drivers shot at? Where exactly did this happen?


Because the A14 eastbound was closed, the lorries were following a diversion along Walton High Street, and were targeted between Gulpher Road and Church Lane.



Suffolk Police have appealed for witnesses to come forward. They reckon the offending weapon was an air rifle.



Needless to say - if you're driving in or around Felixstowe, watch out long barrel-like objects emerging from the shadows.



I know, I know: it's a sad day when lorry drivers have to factor ducking between bullets into their itinerary. And if no witnesses come forward and the culprits aren't found - who knows? - perhaps the practice'll catch on. Maybe there'll come a time when drivers have to alter their routes to avoid Confirmed Shooting Zones...but we're getting ahead of ourselves.



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