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Drivers 1 - 0 Gov: Turnaround on Overnight Allowance

Drivers 1 - 0 Gov: Turnaround on Overnight Allowance



Here's some good news.


So good you'll want to take a photo of it.


The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has for some time been in a dispute with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The dispute was over the rules demanding drivers make receipts to detail their expenditures during 'nights out'.

The battle was a long one. But the RHA's come out on top.

HMRC, it says, has backed down.


But what does this mean for drivers?


Well, for starters, you will now be able to take a photograph of your meal on your smartphone, and the authorities will accept it as evidence of your expenditure.


Under the new rules, drivers will be required to keep evidence of their expenditures until the end of a 'review period'. At the end of this period, if the driver is selected for review, the evidence must be handed over to the operator.


Once the operator's OK'd the evidence, they will either store it as they see fit, or upload it onto a designated spreadsheet.


What's this about a spreadsheet?


Nothing too grand - it simply contains info on what evidence was reviewed by the operator, and the sum claimed.


Richard Burnett, chief executive of the RHA, said the turnaround was a 'significant victory' over an 'unnecessary piece of bureaucracy'.


He also said: 'Cutting red tape for busy hauliers battling to keep the wheels of the UK economy going at a tough time is to be welcomed'.


The RHA has produced an Q&A fact-sheet on the new overnight allowance guidelines.


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