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MOT Certificates: DVSA Makes Changes

MOT Certificates: DVSA Makes Changes

Well, it's foot-down Friday, as they say. And you'll all want to get home before well before the first weekend of the summer holidays, I'm sure.



With this in mind, here's a quick notification of some recent changes to the MOT certificates.



We're not going to go into the finer points of what the changes are. Suffice it to say they are clearer and more readable. At least, that's what the DVSA says.



Sample certificates have been released. You can read and digest them at your leisure via Gov.uk. Get them here:






So, what about all the content-rich stuff we usually put out? Well, we're still doing it. One example of this is the webinars, hosted by Chris Allen. Chris is fielding queries on an array of topics. You can register on the next one, and even submit a query about MOT certificates, if that's your bag, here:


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