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Beast from the East? Nope: Sturgeon blames hauliers for road chaos

Beast from the East? Nope: Sturgeon blames hauliers for road chaos



Hang your heads in shame.


We had it licked. It was under control.


The Siberian blizzard was no match for the UK's resourcefulness, grace under pressure, and cast-iron infrastructure.


And then HGVs had to ruin it!


Oh, didn't you know?


That's the word from Way Up North.


Scotland's Big Boss, Nicola Sturgeon, has pointed the finger at haulage firms, calling them out for causing havoc in red weather warning-conditions.


I know what you're thinking, Aww shucks, Miss, it won't happen again. But chin up, chaps, we'll have none of that here.


In fact, we shouldn't even be surprised. By now, who among us isn't used to being blamed for all that ails the British road network; from chewing them up to blocking them up?


So Sturgeon blames hauliers - what did she actually say?


In Holyrood, after reviewing CCTV footage of jacknifed lorries strewn across the M80, the First Minister said there were “far more HGVs on that road than there should have been when a red warning was in place."


She continued:


“During a red weather warning an HGV should not be on one of our trunk roads unless it is absolutely unavoidable.
“I saw some branded HGVs in pictures yesterday and given the branding on them I would struggle to say that their transport was unavoidable.”


Labour MSP Monica Lennon echoed these views, claiming hundreds of lorries had contributed to the chaos, and called on the transport minister to have a quiet word with haulage leaders.


The RHA, however, has said Sturgeon's criticisms are flaky. The association was quick to remind her of the simple fact that brand names are not necessarily an indicator of cargo, and that many of those HGVs will have been travelling since before the Beast from the East began to howl.


Brian Kenny, the RHA's Regional Ops Manager for Scotland & N. Ireland, said:


“Some of those vehicles will be carrying essential supplies – and some of them dispatched days earlier.
“Where would the Scottish Government like those vehicles to park up exactly? There are very few facilities in Scotland to park up overnight.”



Anyway, don't feel too bad. Ol' Nic also mentioned:


"....this is not a criticism of drivers because driver safety is one of the important issues here."


So there.


Anyway, where do stand on the whole thing? Do you resent being told by a politician that your journey is unessential?


Feel free to leave your Storm Emma-oriented tales of woe, frustration and unexpected mirth in the comments section below.


But before I leave you to it, let me ask you this: how many CPC hours do you have left to do before the deadline?

I know that's off topic. But I think we're all due a bit of good news. And the good news is: you can now check your CPC hours with ease. Simply hit the button if want to know. Or don't. I'm not your boss.







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